Strom –     eine europäische Angelegenheit?!

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Power grids across Europe - The need to transport electricity across Europe

I. Introduction

The whole of Europe is supplied with electricity. How is this generated? And how is it distributed in Europe?

Educational objective:
A citizens’ initiative has been formed in your town. You have heard that they want to prevent an overhead power line (a high-voltage transmission line), coming from the coast of Denmark and going on to Spain, from being routed past the outskirts of your town.
By means of a public petition the inhabitants should declare themselves to be for or against this project. Before you make your decision you want to understand what is at stake. That is why you work on a presentation in order to provide your fellow pupils with information for the information event.



II. To begin
Teams of experts are formed with respect to the different ways of generating electricity.


III. Development
Work on a presentation regarding the need to transport electricity across Europe.
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IV. Presentation
Posters are presented in class and are assessed on the basis of specific criteria.
Resulting discussion on the possible reasons for the political decision to build power grids right across Europe.


V. Consolidation
Pupils write an article for the information event for the school newspaper.


VI. Experimental game

Planspiel "Unter Strom"


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AB = Arbeitsblatt
LI = Lehrerinformation
MB = Methodenblatt
LP = Lernprodukt

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